The genuine narrative of the life and transactions of Major Maurice Keating, the noted pirate and murderer, who was executed on Monday the 27th of December, 1784, at Cuckold's Point, near Port-Royal, in the Island of Jamaica. Which contains a particular account of his being shipwrecked and reduced to the greatest necessities, and afterwards being concerned with three others in seizing the schooner Friendship, Captain William Lewis, bound from Virginia to St. Thomas's, in which they had agreed to take their passage, with the fixt resolution to seize the vessel the first opportunity, and to murder all the persons belonging to her, without distinction; in which diabolical scheme they too well succeeded. -- On the Captain, Mate, and particularly on a Mr. Wilkinson, who was also a passenger, they exercised the most unheard of cruelty, although the unhappy gentleman begged earnestly for his life in the most pathetic manner. -- The particulars of the extraordinary manner of his being discovered, and his confession of the whole transaction before the magistrates at Kingston. -- Likewise an account of his behaviour at the place of execution, and a particular narration of his life, which he delivered to a gentleman the night before he suffered. N. B. This Narrative is published as a caution to captains of ships to be particularly careful what passengers they take on board; and is one of the most bloody scenes of villainy ever heard of since the time of the noted pirate Blackheard. To which is added, a true and faithful account of the loss of the brigantine Tyrrell, And the uncommon Hardships suffered by the Crew

Publication Date1785
Publisherprinted by J. Miller, No. 74, Rosemary-Lane


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