The practical builder

Publication Date1778
Remainderor workman's general assistant; shewing the most approved and easy methods for drawing and working the whole or separate part of any building; The Use of the Tramel for Groins, Angle-Brackets, Niches, &c. Semi-Circular Arches on Flewing Jambs, the Preparing and Making their Soffits. Rules of carpentry; To find the Length and Backing of Hips, Straight or Curved. -- Trusses for Roofs, Domes, &c. -- Trussing of Girders, Sections of Floors, &c. The Proportion of the Five Orders, in their General and Particular Parts. -- Glewing of Columns, Stair-Cases with their Ramp and Twist Rails; Fixing the Carriages, Newels, &c. Frontispieces, Chimney-Pieces, Cielings, Cornices, Architraves, &c. in the Newest Taste. -- With Plans and Elevations of Gentlemens' and Farm-Houses, Yards, Barns, &c. A new edition, revised and corrected by the author William Pain, Architect and Joiner. Engraved on eighty-three plates
Publisherprinted for I. Taylor, at the Bible and Crown, in Holborn, near Chancery-Lane




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