Luxury, pride and vanity, the bane of the British nation

Publication Date1736
RemainderWherein is shewn the prodigality and profuseness of all ranks, and conditions. The Transposition of the City to the Court, with the Tradesmen's expensive manner of Living. The Encrease of the Wine-Trade, the Decay of the Wealth, and Industry of the People. Town and Country over-run with false Splendor. Most of our modern Equipage compar'd to the Life of Man. Physicians, and even Apothecaries under an absolute Necessity of keeping Equipages in support of their Characters and Families. An Account of a Lady, who unhappily lost her Life through the Avarice of her Man-Midwife's attending in a Hackney-Coach, instead of his own Chariot. A new piece of Frugality among Men of Quality, in keeping their Mistresses in their own Dwelling-Houses. More Wines and Viands expended in the City of London and County of Middle-Sex, than in the sixteen United Provinces of Holland. The Beggars of the several Parishes within the City and Suburbs of London, proved to eat more white Bread than the whole Kingdom of Scotland. The proud, insolent and extravagant Humours of Parish-Officers, Petty-Clerks in the Offices, Gentlemen's Gentlemen, Petty-Foggers, Led Captains and Runners, in Men of Qualities Chambers and Kitchens. Dancing-Masters, Gamesters, &c. exposed. The late horrible Instances of wilful and corrupt Perjury animadverted on; with some Account of Mr. Wreathock's Calves-Leather-Club: Together with a true Copy of the Highwayman's famous Bill formerly filed in the Court of Exchequer, by the said Wreathock on the Part of John Everet against Joseph Williams, two notorious Robbers, about settling the Property of their Plunder, both afterwards executed, and Wreathock committed to the Prison of the Fleet. With diverse other entertaining Subjects Serious and Comical
PublisherPrinted for J. Roberts near the Oxford-Arms in Warwick-Lane; and sold by Edward Withers, at the seven Stars over against Chancery-Lane, Fleetstreet; J. Joliffe in St. James's-Street; and the rest of the booksellers of London and Westminster


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