A table which reduces deals as imported from the Baltic, to standard deals

Publication Date1790
RemainderShewing the quantity of Standard in any Number of Baltic, or common Deals, from 1 to 1000, of any length from 6 Feet to 16 Feet long, and from 7? to 12 Inches broad; thickness being 1?, 2, 2?, and 3 Inches. And for white Deals Imported from Norway, when Sold by the Hundred at 12 Feet long, and 3 Inches thick, which is the customary Method. Also, by this Table may be found the quantity of Standard Deals, if the length, thickness, and breadth be more than in the Table. To which is added, a Table of Solid Measure, shewing the Contents in Feet and Quarters, of any Piece of Timber from 1 to 60 Feet long, and from 5 to 24 Inches the Girt, to every half Foot in Length, and quarter Inch in Girt. A Standard Deal is 12 Feet long, 1? Inch thick, and 11 Inches broad. In the Table 12 Inches make 1 Foot, and 11 Feet 1 Deal; so that it must be observed in adding up the Sums taken out of the Table, to carry from the Feet Column, to the Column for Deals, 1 Deal for every 11 Feet. Calculated by Isaac Sandys
Publisherprinted by H. Hodgson, Water-Street


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