The biographical and martyrological dictionary

Publication Date1790
Remaindercontaining the lives, sufferings, and deaths, of the most eminent martyrs and confessors of Christ, From The Earliest Ages Of At The World To The Present Time. Extracted From The scriptures of the Old and New Test Aments, Acts and Monuments, and the Works of the most eminent Writers in several Languages, both ancient and modern, who have made this important Part of History their Study. Including the Life, Sufferings, and Martyrdom [of] our blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, ... the Martyrdoms of the Apostles, Evangelists, and other Primitive Christians; The History of some of the most eminent Martyrs and confessions during The Ten Great Persecutions Under The Roman Emperors; Persecutions in Asia and Europe under the Arians. - ... of the Witnesses under Popery, ... the Persecutions in ... and Flanders; the Martyrdoms of Italy; and the ... Barbarities practised by the Inquisition of Spain and ... The History of the Spanish. Invasion,-of the Gun-Powder Plot,-of the Fire of London,-of the Conspiracy in 1668,-of the barbarous Murder of Sir Edmonbury Godirey, and the Design of Parkins, Friend, and Fenwick, for the Re-Establishment of Popery and the Extirpation of the Protestant Religion,-of the Cruelties committed by Judge Jefferies in the West of England,-And of the Persecution against the People called Quakers:-An accurate Account of the Martyrdoms of Scotland, especially under the inauspicious Reigns of Mary, Charles II. and James VI. - And a distinct Narrative of the bloody Massacre of Ireland with a particular Relation of the Cruelties exercised by the Papists in consequence of that detestable Tragedy. - With many other Articles too numerous to be particularized. Forming At Once Complete Biographical Dictionary of Martyrs and Confessors, Upon a more useful and methodical Plan than any that have hitherto appeared. To the whole is annexed, a general index, A General Index, By the Help of which the Reader may turn up any particular Article at Pleasure. By a clergyman and others.
LocationNewcastle upon Tyne
Publisherprinted by M. Angus, In Drury-Lane, Flesh-Market

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