The family jewel, and compleat housewife's companion

Publication Date1754
Remainderor, the whole art of cookery made plain and easy. In a Method entirely new, and suited to every Capacity; calculated for the Preservation of Health, and on the Principles of Frugality, including Things useful, substantial and splendid. Containing compleat Directions in Marketing, and other Branches of Housewifry, and above 400 Receipts. In Cookery, Pastry, Pickling, Preserving, Candying, Potting, Collaring; great Variety of Puddings, Soops, Broths, Sauces, Cake Soop for the Pocket; Jellies, Creams, Syrups, Cakes, and other Confectionary; English Wines; Cyder, Mead, Vinegar, Verjuice, Katchup; Brewing fine Beer and Ale; how to preserve a Stock of Yeast in the scarcest Season; to keep Ale very fine, and to restore sour or ropy Beer to Perfection; to dress British Pickled Herrings several Ways; also to dress a Turtle to the greatest Perfection, as in the Indies; Mrs. Stephens's Receipt for the Stone; Dr. Mead's and others, for the Bite of a mad Dog; Sir Hans Sloane's for sore Eyes; Receipts for Daffy's and Stoughton's Elixir, with the Prices of the Ingredients; Extracts from a curious Treatise on the Disorders of the Teeth, and their Cure; how to preserve Guns, Grates, and Metals from Rust; to clean Plate, China, Gold and Silver Lace; to take Iron-Moulds or Mildew out of the finest Linnen or Lace; to make a Liquor for curling the Hair, which changes it to an agreeable Colour; also the incomparable Lip Salve; with an effectual Method to clear a Room from Bugs; and many other very useful Directions for Servants of different Stations. Being the Result of Forty Years Experience, and an attentive Observation on all the Books of Cookery that have ever yet been published. With an index directing to every receipt. By Mrs. Penelope Bradshaw, Housekeeper Forty Years to a Noble Family of Great Taste, but Proper Oeconomy. The seventh edition. With remarks by a London pastry-cook, of long and extensive Practice. Also an Addition of about 200 Receipts, and a Bill of Fare for every Month in the Year; with the Manner of placing the Dishes
Publisherprinted for R. Whitworth, at the Feathers in the Poultry



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