The new and complete Newgate calendar

Publication Date1795
Remainderor, villany displayed in all its branches. Containing new and authentic accounts of all the lives, adventures, exploits, trials, executions and last dying speeches, confessions, (as well as letters to their relatives never before published) of the most notorious malefactors and others of both sexes and all denominations, who have suffered death and other exemplary punishments for murders, burglaries, felonies, horse-stealing, bigamy, forgeries, highway robberies, footpad robberies, perjuries, piracies, rapes, riots, mobbing, sodomy, starving to death, sheep stealing, swindling, high-treason, petit-treason, sedition, and other misdemeanors. Interspersed with notes, reflections, and remarks, arising from the several subjects, moral, useful, and entertaining. Including the transactions of the most remarkable prisoners, tried for high treason at the Old Bailey, viz. Hardy, Horne Tooke, Thelwall, &c. Likewise the trials of Watt, Downe, Palmer, Fitzgerald, Margarott, &c. &c. at Edinburgh for High Treason, Sedition, Libels, &c. &c. Comprehending also, all the most material passages in the sessions papers for a long series of years; together with the ordinary of Newgate's Account of the capital convicts; and complete narratives of all the most remarkable trials Also a great variety of the most important lives and trials never before published in any former work of the kind. The whole containing the most faithful narratives ever yet published of the various executions, and other exemplary punishments, which have happened in England, Scotland, and Ireland, from the year 1700, to the end of the year 1795. Properly arranged from the records of court. By William Jackson, Esq. Of the Inner-Temple, barrister at law; assisted by others. ... Illustrated with upwards of sixty most elegant copper plates
Publisherprinted for the proprietors : published by Alex. Hogg


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