The present state of Great Britain

Publication Date1707
RemainderIn two parts. The I. Of South II. Of North Britain. Containing an accurate and impartial account of this great and famous island; Of the Country, and its Inhabitants; the Advantages and Disadvantages of Both, in respect to Forein Countries; and the Curiosities both of Nature and Art. Of the vast, populous, and opulent city of London, the Metropolis of Great Britain, and of the Famous Universities of the Land. Of the Britains original, language, temper, Genius, Religion, Morals, Trade, &c. Their Nobility, Gentry, Clergy, and Commonalty. Their Laws and Government; With a succinct History of all the English Monarchs to this time. The present Princes and Princesses of the Blood Royal, and the Settlement of the Succession in the Protestant Line. Lastly, of Queen Anne's dominions, titles, arms, Land and Sea-Forces, Court, and Revenues. Of the Privy-Council, the High Court of Parliament, and all courts of justice. With the Lists Of the Present Officers in Church and State; Of Both Houses of Parliament; and of the Convocation
Publisherprinted by J.H. for J. Nicholson at the Queen's Arms in Little-Britain; A. Bell at the Cross-Keys and Bible in Cornhill; R. Smith at the Bible under the Piazza of the Royal-Exchange; and J. Round at Seneca's Head in Exchange-Alley




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