Mille testes. Against atheists, deists, and scepticks

Publication Date1706
RemainderTestifying, First, The Cause of Causes, the eternal Mind and Being of God in Trinity and Unity. Secondly, The Truth and Authority of the holy Scriptures. Thirdly, Divine Providence. Fourthly, The Immortality of the Soul or Mind; and the State thereof here, and in its separate State from the Body. Fifthly, An Enquiry into the Tenents of the Soul-Sleeper, in his Book of Second and Farther Thoughts; and how unagreeable to the holy Scriptures, Reason, and Philosophy: Also Mr. Dodwell's epistolary Discourse, concerning the Soul's natural Mortality, consider'd. Collected with observations and animadversions, by F. de Veteri Campo
Publisherprinted by J. Gardyner for the author, and are to be sold by Isaac Cleve Stationer, at his Shop by Serjeants-Inn in Chancery-Lane, and Richard Harrison Stationer, by New-Inn in Witch-Street




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