The rational spelling-book

Publication Date1791
Remainderor, an easy method of initiating youth into the rudiments of the English tongue; In a Monner more commodious than any, and more comprehensive than all the Spelling-Books that ever were published, Designed for a Standard of the Language. And contrived by a proper Gradation of Instructions disposed in a picturesque Manner, for the easy and expeditious attaining to a rational Knowledge of it. Containing, I. Orthography in general. II. A complete, concise, and easy English Grammar. III. The Rudiments of English Grammar rendered easy, familiar and pleasant, being concisely delivered, for the Help of Memory, in familiar and entertaining Verse. IV. Proper Exercises and Lessons, in Prose and Verse, Fables, Emblems, Prayers Graces, Sentences, several delightful Hymns, for the Amusement of Children, adorned, with Cuts, &c. &c. V. An accurate Spelling Dictionary and complete English Expositor, containing much large Collection of Words than are to be found in any Book of this Kind extant, and the wing how the same are to be written correctly, and pronounced properly with the various Meanings or Significations of each Word. Embellished with cuts. The whole constructed on a plan entirely New, by John Clarke, of Grantham, in Lincolnshire; the fourteenth edition. And published from a manuscript copy revised by the late Joh Entick, A.M
Publisherprinted by P. Wogan, No. 23, Old-Bridge


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