Medicus novissimus

Publication Date1712
Remainderor, the modern physician: shewing the principal signs, causes, and most material prognosticks; together with the true method of curing all the principal and curable diseases incident to Mankind, according to the most Modern and Best Method of Practice now in Use. Each Physical Process Being Illustrated with Observations or Histories of Cures performed, together with the Medicines by which those Cures were performed, is faithfully Inserted for the Good of the Publick. The whole being in a Familiar Style, and thereby adapted to the Meanest Capacities of Physical Practitioners, for whom 'tis render'd very Useful and Necessary. By Phil. Woodman, Practitioner in Physick and Chirurgery
Publisherprinted by J. H. for Chr. Coningsby, at the Ink-Bottle against Clifford's-Inn Back-Gate in Fetter-Lane, Fleetstreet




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