A complete treatise of land surveying

Publication Date1798
Remainderby the chain, cross, and offset staffs only. In three parts, Viz. Part I. Teaches all the useful Definitions and Problems in Geometry, requisite in Land Surveying: likewise Plain Trigonometry, with its Application in Measuring inaccessible Heights and Distances. Part II. How to Measure with the Chain, only assisted as above, and cast up the Dimensions thereof by the Pen alone, with the Method to Plan all kinds of Inclosures: likewise to Survey an Estate, Manor, &c. by the same Instruments; with the invaluable Method of casting up the Dimensions by the Pen, and afterwards to Plan, Map, and Embellish the same. Also, sheweth the Method to Measure Woods, Water, or any inaccessible Grounds whatsoever with the Method of dividing and laying out Land, reducing Plots, &c. Part III. The Practical Method of Measuring Hayricks, Marl Pits, and Timber; also all kinds of Artificer's Work---the Manner of taking Dimensions with the customary Additions and Deductions; likewise the Method of Levelling or Conveying of Water from one Place to another. The whole explained in a clear and perspicuous Manner. By William Davis, Author of the Use of the Globes, Lately Published, and Member of the Philosophical Society, London.
Extentxvi, [1], 4-283, [3] p., plates
Publisherprinted for the author, and sold by Faulder, Bond Street; Elmsley, Strand; Egerton's Military Library, Charing Cross; H.D. Symonds, and W. Baynes, Paternoster Row; Wright, Piccadilly; Lackington and Co. Finsbury Square; Lunn, Oxford Street, and at his warehouse, Cambridge; Pearson, High Street, Birmingham; M. Pool and son, Chester; and Wood, Shrewsbury


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