The supplement to the English flora

Publication Date1780
Remaindercontaining the trees, shrubs, plants, seeds, and fruits, cultivated in the English nurseries, greenhouses, and stoves, to the year MDCCLXXX; Discovered fince, or omitted when, the Flora was first printed. With an index to the genera described in the flora and supplement, containing the number of species and varieties in each genus, and to which class they belong. Also with Botanical corrections and emendations, according to the last edition of the Systema vegetabilium, published by J. A. Murray, at Gettingen in 1774. By Richard Weston, esq. author of the universal botanist, &c.
Publisherprinted for the author, and sold by J. Millan; J. Robson, and R. Faulder; T. Carnan; and C. Dilly. And by all the nurserymen and seedsmen in England


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