The lives of the most remarkable criminals, who have been condemn'd and executed; for murder, highway, house-breakers, Street-Robberies, Coining, or other Offences; from the year 1720, to the present time: Containing Particularly, The Lives of Mrs. Griffin, for the Murder of her Maid; Kennedy the Pirate, Molony and Carrick, Highwaymen; Brinsden, who Murder'd his Wife; Lovee, and the rest of his Gang, Street-Robbers; Captain Massey for Piracy; Roch, for Piracy and Murder; Captain Stanley, for the Murder of Mrs. Maycock; a full Account of the Waltham Blacks; the famous Jack Shephard; his Companion Blueskin; and Towers, who was hang'd for setting up the new Mint. Collected from original papers and authentick memoirs. ... . To which is Perfix'd A Preface, containing a General View of the Laws of England, with respect to Capital Offences.

Publication Date1735
Publisherprinted and sold by John Osborn, at the Golden-Ball in Pater-Noster-Row




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