Parallels of the sounds and syllables of the French and English languages: or, the French pronunciation made easy to the English learner. Being A perpetual Dictionary suited to all Capacities, for the easy and speedy Attaining the true Pronunciation of the French Tongue, and the French Orthography. To which is prefixed, A dissertation on the French alphabet. And likewise is added, a dissertation teaching the true manner of reading and Pronouncing French poetry. The whole laid down in a Method entirely new. By Claudius Arnoux, Teacher of the French and Latin Languages.

Publication Date1730
Publisherprinted by R. Reily; for J. Stagg, in Westminster-Hall; T. Astley, at the Rose, and S. Austen, at the Angel and Bible, both in St. Paul's Church-Yard; R. Willock, at Sir Isaac Newton's Head in Cornhill, near the Royal Exchange; J. Brindley, in New Bond-Street; N. Prevost, over against Southampton-Street, and P. Dunoyer, at Erasmus's Head, both in the Strand; Mr. Belton, at the Bee-Hives upon the Pavement in St. Martin's Lane; J. P. Coderc, at Pliny's Head in Little Newport-Street; and E. Comins, over-against the King's Arms in Little Britain


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