The brewer, victualler, and gauger's assistant

Publication Date1793
Remainderor, compleat beer, ale, and amber tables. Calculated by W. Harris, No. 22, Norton Street, Mary-le-Bone.
Publishersold by the following booksellers; G. Pearce, No. 223, Picadilly; R. Ryan, No. 351, Oxford-Street; I. Deighton, No. 325, Holborn, opposite Gray's-Inn; I. Tate, No. 52, St. John-Street, Smithfield; I. Parsons, No. 21, Paternoster-Row; W. Richardson, No. 23, Cornhill;-Scrutton, No. 117, Whitechapel; E. Davis, No. 90, Blackman-Street, Southwark; R. Burridge, Black Friars-Road, opposite the Royal Circus; R. Cust, No. 29, Parliament-Street; J. Mathews, No. 18, Strand; and of all the Booksellers in Great Britain


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