Psychrolousia: or, the history of cold-bathing

Publication Date1722
Remainderboth ancient and modern. In two parts. The first written by Sir John Floyer, of Litchfield, Kt. The second, treating of the genuine use of hot and cold baths. Together with The Wonderful Effects of the Bath-Water, drank hot from the Pump, in Decay'd Stomachs, and in most Diseases of the Bowels, Liver, and Spleen, &c. Also proving, That the best Cures done by the Cold Baths, are lately observed to arise from the Temperate Use of the Hot Baths first. To which is Added, An Appendix. By Dr. Edward Baynard, Fellow of the College of Physicians, London
Publisherprinted for William and John Innys, at the West-End of St. Paul's Church-Yard




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