The whole proceedings of the late contested election, of the city of Bristol; between Messrs. Cruger, Burke, Clare, & Brickdale

Publication Date1755
Remainderwhich began on Monday, October 9th, 1774; and was carried on for Twenty-Three Days, with unremitting Ardour on all Sides. This Narrative contains The animated and spirited Speeches, on the Occasion, by the Patriotic Members, Cruger and Burke: To which will be added, for the Information of the Public, (to make the Whole as intelligible as possible) The Petition of Mr. Brickdale, of the City of Bristol; as well as that of the City; together with the Names of the Petitioners:-The Learned Speeches of the Council, before the Committee of the House of Commons;-Examination of Witnesses;-Mr. Cruger's Speech in the House of Commons, on American Affairs;-Speech of the Right Honourable John Wilkes, Esq; Lord Mayor of the City of London, on Wednesday, February the 22d, for expunging from the Journals the Resolution of the 17th February, 1769. Embellished with an Engraving of that justly celebrated Patriot, Edmund Burke, Esq
Publisherprinted by J. Browne, Wardrobe Court, Doctors Commons; and sold by W. Pine, in Bristol

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