A memorable new-year's-gift, the 1st of January, 1648-9

Publication Date1727
RemainderTo the Rump-Parliament, the general, and officers of the army, &c. Being a most Christian memento, Loyal Protestation, and truly Heroick, as well as Accurate and Learned Remonstrance, against Their, then, most wicked and flagitious Proceedings; especially, their, then, intended Deposition, Tryal, and most execrable Murder, of one of the best of Men, as well as Kings, Their rightful and lawful Sovereign. The Lord's Anointed, and Royal Martyr, King Charles I. By that truly worthy and exemplary Convert to Loyalty, William Prynne, Esq; then Prisoner, under the Army's Tyranny, at the King's-Head in the Strand. Now re-publish'd, for the charitable information of posterity, with a suitable Preface, by a true lover o monarchy, and Christian (but not licentious) Liberty
Publisherprinted for A. Moore, near St. Paul's, and sold by the booksellers of London and Westminster


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