The test or tryal of the goodness and value of spiritual courts

Publication Date1706
Remainderin two queries: I. Whether the Statute of 1 Edw. VI. 2. be in Force (against them) at this day, obliging them to Summon and Cite the Kings Subjects (not in their own Names and Stiles, as now they do, but) in the Name and Stile of the Kings Majesty (as in the Kings Courts Temporal) and under the Seal of the Kings Arms? II. Whether any of the Canon-Law, or how much of the Canon-Law is (at this day) the Law of England, in Courts Christian? Together With a True Table of all such Fees as are Due, or can be Claimed in any Bishops-Courts, in all Cases; as they were given in to the Commissioners of His Majesty K. Char. 1. Nov. 1630. by Commissizries, Registers, Proctors, &c. under their own Hands in the Star-Chamber. Highly necessary to be perused by all those that have been, or may be Cited to appear at Doctors-Commons, or any other Spiritual-Courts or Visitations. By Edmund Hickeringill, Rector of All-Saints in Colchester
Publisherprinted, and are to be sold by Benj. Bragge at the Raven in Pater-Noster-Row



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