The hard case of Mary Squires, the gipsey, and Susanna Wells

Publication Date1753
RemainderBeing, an impartial examination of the merits of their surprising cause. Wherein the gypsey is fully vindicated, upon the circumstances of her case, allowed by the Attorney and Sollicitor-General. With The Reasons that induced the Grand Jury to find four Bills against Elizabeth Canning, for Perjury on the Trial of Squires the Gipsey, and William Clark, Thomas Grevil and John Gibson, Witnesses in Favour of the Gipsey. Fiat Justitia, et ruat Mundus
Publisherprinted for M. Cooper, Pater-Noster-Row; W. Reeve, Fleet-Street; and C. Sympson, at the Bible-Warehouse, Chancery-Lane

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