A prospect into the spiritual world

Publication Date1745
Remainderwhereby may be observed, I. That all created, active, spiritual existences are immaterial and immortal; and that Matter, as mere Matter, has no Property of Intelligence belonging to it; but that whatever Intelligence inhabits material Organs may be easily separated from them, but will not thereby cease to exist; from which, Mr. Lock's Belief that the Souls of Men are immaterial, is strengthened; and the Difficulties, he laboured under to ascertain it, removed. II. The State of Spirits, when separated from their material Habitations. III. The nature of spiritual bodies, after the Resurrection. &c. By Benjamin Parker, Author of the Philosophical Meditations, The Survey of the Six Days Works of the Creation, &c
Publisherprinted for the author, and sold by E. Owen, at the Printing-Office near Chancery-Lane, Holborn


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