An account of a useful discovery to distill double the usual quantity of sea-water

Publication Date1756
Remainderby blowing showers of air up through the distilling liquor: and an account of the great benefit of ventilators in many Instances, in preserving the Health and Lives of People, in Slave and other Transport Ships, which were read before the Royal Society. Also An Account of the good Effect of blowing Showers of Air up through Milk, thereby to cure the ill Taste which is occasioned by some Kinds of Food of Cows. By Stephen Hales, D. D. F. R. S. Member of the Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris, and Clerk of the Closet to Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales. The second edition. With an appendix; in which is an account of some farther considerable improvements made in the Method of procuring Plenty of Fresh-Water at Sea, viz. three Parts in four more than in the common Methods of Distilling: Also a farther Account of more Instances and Proofs of the good Effect of Ventilators in Ships: As also of the curing, in a few Minutes, the ill Taste of Turnip Milk, and of musty Liquors. Also, with great Ease, presently to make Cream or Milk Sillabubs, viz. by blowing Showers of Air up through them
Publisherprinted for Richard Manby, in the Old-Bailey, near Ludgate-Hill



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