The works of Flavius Josephus

Publication Date1755
RemainderWith the antiquities of the Jews, from the creation of the world, Containing, I. The Posterity of Adam and ten Ages from him to the Flood. The Deluge and Preservation of Noah and his Family. Destruction of the Tower of Babel, and Confusion of Languages. II. Dispersion of Noah's Posterity, and Historical Account of the Nations founded by them. Famine in the Land of Canaan. Destruction of Sodom, &c. Lives, &c. of the Patriarchs, and their Posterity. III. The ten Plagues of Egypt, and Deliverance of the Israelites from thence. Their Travels thro' the Wilderness, and Conquest of the Idolatrous Nations. Reigns of the Kings of the Hebrews. IV. Building of Solomon's Temple; and Description thereof. Wars of the Philistines, Assyrians, Egyptians, &c. against the Jews, to their Captivity and Building of the Second Temple. V. Birth, Actions, &c. of Jesus Christ. Detail of the Origin of High Priest of the Jews. Life of Josephus by himself. Chronicle of the Kings of Judea. Revolt of the Jews from the Roman Government, and Civil Dissentions. VI. Surrender of Jerusalem to Pompey. Of the Maccabees. Philo's Embassy to the Jews. Calamities of the Jewish Nation. Vespasian's Invasion of Galilee, and Progress of his Arms. March of Titus to Jerusalem. Vii. Description of the City and Temple; portentous Omens of its Fall; progress of its Siege; excessive Famine in the City. Great Slaughter of the Inhabitants. Viii. Burning of the Temple, and total Destruction of Jerusalem by Titus. A new translation, by John Court, Esq; with Christopher Noldius's History of the life and actions of Herod the Great. With Explanatory Notes, and embellished with Copper Plates, never before prefixed to this Work, and a large and Accurate Index
Publisherprinted by his Majesty's permission, for H. Owen, assignee to E. Nunneley, in White-Fryers; and C. Sympson, at the Bible-Warehouse, Chancery-Lane, Fleet-Street



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