The majesty and singular copiousness of the Hebrew language asserted and illustrated

Publication Date1744
Remainderor, An Argument to prove the High Antiquity and Divine Authority of the Hebrew Points, both Vowels and Accents: which, from a grammatical Explanation of the double Pointing of the Decalogue, (never before attempted) are demonstrated to be coeval with the Promulgation of the Law at Mount Sinai. Together with three half sheet tables of the Decalogue in Hebrew and English. And Towards the Conclusion, the simple dixerunts of the pretended Decypherer of the Book of Job, and the Author of a new Hebrew Grammar, lately publish'd for discrediting the Hebrew Points, are casually expos'd, and refuted. In a letter to a friend
Publisherprinted and sold by E. Owen, near Chancery-Lane, Holborn; and W. Sandby, at the Ship without Temple-Bar

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