England's duty under the present Gospel liberty

Publication Date1701
Remainderfrom Revel. III vers. 20. Wherein is opened the admirable condescension and patience of Christ, in waiting upon trifling and obstinate Sinners. The wretched State of the Unconverted. The Nature of Evangelical Faith. The Riches of Free-Grace in the offers of Christ, Pardon, and Peace to the worst of Sinners. The invaluable Privileges of Union and Communion, granted to all that receive him: and the great Duty of opening to him at the present Knocks and Calls of the Gospel, with the danger of neglecting these loud (and it may be last) Knocks and Calls of Christ, discovered. By John Flavel, late Preacher of the Gospel at Dartmouth in Devon. The second edition corrected. To which is added Mount Pisgah, or the Author's Thanksgiving Sermon for England's Deliverance from Popery, Feb. 168 8/9
Publisherprinted for Andrew Bell at the Cross Keys and Bible in Cornhil




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