The works of the Right Reverend George Bull

Publication Date1725
RemainderD.D. late Bishop of St. Davids. Concerning the Holy Trinity. Consisting of I. The Defence of the Nicene Creed. II. The Judgment of the Catholic Church of the three first Centuries, concerning the Necessity of believing that Our Lord Jesus Christ is true God, asserted against M. Simon Episcopius, and others. III. The Primitive and Apostolical Tradition concerning the received Doctrine in the Catholic Church, of our Saviour Jesus Christ's Divinity, asserted, and plainly proved, against Daniel Zuicker a Prussian, and his late Disciples in England. Translated into English: with the notes and observations of Dr. Grabe. And some Reflections upon the late Controvertists in this Doctrine. In Two Volumes. By Fr. Holland, M. A. Rector of Sutton Wilts, and Chaplain to the Rt Hon. Thomas Lord Viscount Weymouth
Publisherprinted for James Holland at the Bible and Ball in St. Paul's Church-Yard. M.DCC.XXV. Sold by Booker Whitledge, in Ave-Mary-Lane


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