Memoirs of the life of John Matthieson, executed for a forgery on the Bank of England, on Wednesday the 28th of July, 1779. Containing a circumstantial account of his trial at the Old Bailey, on Thursday the 20th of June, for the several Forgeries which he committed on the Bank of England and Darlington Bank. Together with a Narrative of several interesting Particulars concerning his Behaviour during Confinement, until the Time of Execution. To which is added, A Genuine Copy of a Letter which the Prisoner sent to his Mother the Day before he suffered. Published at the request of Mr. Matthieson, in order to prevent any spurious publications of a similar Nature

Publication Date1779
Publishersold by J. Bew, No. 28, Pater-Noster Row, and the Newscarriers in Town and Country

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