A name in heaven the truest ground of joy

Publication Date1707
Remainderon Luke x. 20. and The power of grace in weaning the heart from the world, on Psal. cxxxi. 1. set forth in two discourses in Commemoration of the Happy Birth, &c. of the Only Son of a Person of Quality. By the late Reverend Mr. Matthew Mead. Minister of the Gospel. Published from the Original Copies wrote out fair fit for the Press with the Author's own Hand, and by the Dedicated to the said Person of Quality
Publisherprinted for Edmund Parker, at the Bible and Crown in Lombard-Street near Stock-Market; Nath. Hillier, at the Prince's Arms in Leadenhall-Street, over against St. Mary Ax; and Daniel Mead, at the Bible by George-Inn-Gate on Snow-Hill



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