Journal through the north of England and parts of Scotland

Publication Date1799
RemainderWith remarks on the present state of the established Church of Scotland, and the different secessions therefrom. Together with Reflections on some Party Distinctions in England: Shewing the Origin of these Disputes, and the Causes of their Separation. Designed to promote Brotherly Love and Forbearance among Christians of all Denominations. Also Some Remarks on the Propriety of what is called Lay and Itinerant Preaching. By Rowland Hill, A. M. Late of St. John's College, Cambridge, and Minister of Surry Chapel
Publisherprinted by T. Gillet, Crown Court, Fleet Street; and sold at Surry Chapel: also by T. Chapman, Fleet Street; J. Matthews, Strand; Mr. Ogle, Gray's-Inn-Lane; Mr. Piner, near Tottenham-Court Chapel; and Mr. Wilkinson, near the Tabernacle; Mr. Ogle and Mr. Guthrie, Edinburgh; and Mr. Ogle, Glasgow


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