Observations on the use and abuse of the practice of the law

Publication Date1786
RemainderInterspersed with remarks on the characters and conduct of persons of a description, more numerous than respectable,-who encourage litigious disputes to the great inconvenience of mankind in general, and the disgrace of the better part of the profession. And illustrated with several professional anecdotes. By a Friend to the professon
PublisherPrinted in the year MDCCLXXXVI. And sold by R. Parsley, Surrey-side of Blackfryars Bridge; J. Nunn, Great Queen Street, Lincolns Inn Fields; J. Anderson, Holborn Hill; and J. French, Fenchurch Street, London; Meyler, Bath; Bulgin and Rosser, Bristol; Stevenson and Beatniffe, Norwich; Keymer, Colchester; Clachar, Chemlsford; Deck, Bury; Shave, Ipswich; Downes and March, Yarmouth; Marshall, Lynn; Barker, Dereham; and Delahoy; Deptford Bridge, Kent

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