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Publication Date1787
Remainderor, a new system of lines and proportions for doors, windows, chimnies, Cornices, and Mouldings, for Finishing Rooms, &c. &c. a Great Variety of Stair-Cases, on a Plan Entirely New, and Easy to be Understood. Circular Circular Soffits, Flewing and Winding, in Strait and Circular Walls, Groins, Angle-Brackets, Circular and Elliptical Sky-Lights, and the Method of Squaring and Preparing their Circular Bars, Shop. Fronts, &c. By W. Pain, joiner. A new edition. Engraved on sixty-nine copper plates
Publisherprinted for I. and J. Taylor, at the Architectural Library, No. 56, Holborn, Nearly Opposite Great Turn-Stile



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