The case of impotency debated

Publication Date1714
Remainderin the late famous tryal at Paris; between the Marquis de Gesvres, (son to the Duke de Tresmes, present Governor of Paris) and Mademoiselle de Mascranny his Lady, who, after three Years Marriage, commenc'd a Suit against him for Impotency. Containing, I. The Pleadings at large on both Sides. II. The Reports of the King's Physicians and Surgeons appointed to search the Parties. III. A Collection of the most authentick parallel Cases upon this Head, both ancient and modern, confirm'd by the Authority of Papal Decrees, Councils, Fathers, the Judgments of the best Canonists, Civilians, and Common Lawyers. Done from the Paris edition. In Two Volumes.
Publisherprinted for E. Curll, at the Dial and Bible against St. Dunstan's Church in Fleet-Street



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