A supplement to the first and second parts of Lay-Baptism invalid; Shewing, That the Heretical and Schismatical Baptisms which some Ancient Churches esteem'd to have been Valid, were not Lay-Baptisms, in the Opinion of those Churches. In answer to the second part of Mr. Bingham's pretended Scholastical history of lay-baptism. And prov'd out of that same Book, and the other Writings of Mr. Bingham. With a caveat against Dr. White Kennet's Dangerous notion of the power of divine grace, and his Sophistica rule for judging of doctrines: In his Sermon at the Funeral of the Duke of Devonshire, and his Spittal-Sermon on Easter-Tuesday, 1714. By the author of Lay-Baptism invalid

Publication Date1714
Publisherprinted by G. James, for Henry Clements, at the Half-Moon in St. Paul's Church-Yard



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