The Axe laid to the root of priestcraft: or, Christianity defended against the exorbitant claims of the clergy

Publication Date1744
RemainderIn four discourses. Viz. I. On the importance of truth, and the origin of ecclesiastical grandeur: describing the methods whereby the preachers of the Gospel degenerated from their primitive institution. II. On the craft of Tythes; refuting the arguments alledg'd for their divine appointment. III. On the usurpation of Church-power; and the pernicious abuses of it for oppressing and impoverishing the laity. IV. On the means used by ambitious priests to rivet their yoke on the people
PublisherPrinted for J. Warner, near Warwick-Lane; and sold by the booksellers in Ludgate-Street, at the Royal Exchange, Temple Bar, and Charing Cross



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