A caveat against Popery

Publication Date1735
Remainderbeing a seasonable preservative against Romish delusions and Jacobitism, now industriously spread throughout the Nation. Wherein is exhibited under three Propositions, First, A large Specimen of the Principles and Practices of Popery, in Regard to our Church and Nation, from the Reformation down to the Present; whereby is demonstrated the virulent Spirit of that Religion, and the Incompatibleness of a Popish Prince with a Protestant People. Secondly, The insolent and open Attacks of Romish Priests upon his Majesty's Subjects, and the dangerous Increase of the Papal Faction among us. Thirdly, The Necessity of bringing these indefatigable Adversaries of our Religion and Government under a due Restraint. To which is added, a short view of the principal errors of the Church of Rome, when, for what Ends, and by what Means, they were introduced into the Church: With an Application to the Roman-Catholicks of England, shewing that they are obliged in Duty and all Reason to leave that corrupt Communion
Publisherprinted, and are to be sold by J. Roberts, in Warwick-Lane



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