The British angler

Publication Date1740
Remainderor, a pocket-companion for gentlemen-fishers. Being a New and Methodical Treatise of the Art of Angling: Comprehending all that is Curious and Useful in the Knowledge of that Polite Diversion. As: I. An Introduction; containing an Encomium on Rivers and the Art of Angling, with general Observations on the Nature of Fish. II. The Angler's Apparatus: Or, Directions concerning Rods, Lines, Hooks, Floats, and the rest of the Tackle: Also, of Baits, Natural and Artificial. III. An exact Description of the several Kinds of Fish that are found in the Rivers, and on the Sea-Coasts of Great Britain; their Size, Shape, Qualities, Seasons, Feeding, Haunts, &c. IV. The whole Practice of Angling: Teaching the Choice and Preparation of proper Stands; the Method of Taking every Species, more particularly the sportive Trout, the voracious Pike, and other Capital Game. With Descriptions of our principal Rivers, Observations relating to the Weather, and other necessary Remarks. Together with Supplemental Discourses, 1. On Fish-Ponds and Reservatories. 2. On the Laws against Poachers, and in Favour of the Fair Angler. Also, Excellent Receipts for Dressing of Fish, and a Complete Index, in which the Terms in Use among Anglers are occasionally explained. Embellished with copper-plates Curiously Engraved. The Whole compiled from approved authors, and above thirty years experience, by John Williamson, Gent. Who has added a Verification of the principal Heads, at the End of each Chapter, for the Help of Memory
Publisherprinted for J. Hodges, at the Looking-Glass on London-Bridge



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