A perpetual commentary on the Revelation of St. John

Publication Date1720
RemainderWherein is contain'd, I. The original sacred text, and the English translation, laid down and compared together; and their true Literal and Mystical Sense opened and explained. II. The nature of the prophetick stile, and the Use of Symbolical and Mystick Terms is shewed and illustrated from numerous Instances drawn from Christian and Pagan Antiquities. III. The history of the church of Christ in the several great Periods of its Militant State here upon Earth, is set forth; the whole Series of the more extraordinary Events, and all its more distinguish'd Epocha's, marked out and explained. With a Preliminary Discourse, Concerning The Certainty of the Principles upon which the Revelation of St. John is to be understood. By Charles Daubuz, M. A. Late Vicar of Brotherton in Yorkshire
Publisherprinted for Benj. Tooke, at the Middle-Temple Gate in Fleet-Street

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