Great Britain triumphant. Containing a full explanation of a scheme for strengthening and invigorating the British Navy, and Capturing the Ships of War, and Privateers of France; Deeply interesting to Britons in general, and to Gentlemen of the Navy, and Merchants in particular. With Some Account of Certain other schemes, now preparing to be laid before Mr. Pitt, for raising Immense Supplies, for the purposes of war, without burthening the people; and for lessening their burthens in time of peace. Taking also some notice of certain other of the Author's inventions and contrivances both political, and philosophical. Dedicated to His Majesty, and Presented to the Right Hon. William Pitt. By Thomas German, Gent

Publication Date1793
Publisher1793. printed for the author, and sold by him, No. 4 Chichester Rents, Chancery-Lane, and by the booksellers in town and country


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