An antidote against the growth of Popery, for the year of our blessed saviour's incarnation, 1713

Publication Date1713
RemainderIt being the twenty fourth of our deliverance by King William from Popery and arbitrary government, but the seventeenth from the horrid Popish Jacobite plot. Containing, I. An Account of the horrid Popish-Plot in 1675, for the Destruction of the Protestant Religion; with the Murder of Sir Edmond-Bury Godfrey. 2. An Account of the Burning the Pope at Temple-Bar, Nov. 17. 1679. 3. A Prospect of Popery, or, what we may expect from a Popish Successor, by the Cruelties, Treasons and Massacres, committed by the Papists since the Beginning of the Reign of Queen Mary. 4. The Spanish Invasion, in 1588. 5. The Gun powder Treason, Nov. 5 1605. 6. The Massacre of Ireland, in 1642. 7. The Massacre of Paris in France, in Piedmont. Lithuania, and Poland by the bloody Papists in 1655 and 1656. 8. The Burning of London, Sept. the 2 d. 1666. 9. An Account of the Martyrdom of the Protestants in the West. Dedicated to all True Lovers of the Protestant Succession as settled by Act of Parliament.
Publisherprinted: sold by T. Harrison at the Corner of Castle-Alley in Cornhill


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