An historical account of the Honourable Order of the Bath

Publication Date1725
RemainderContaining, I. An account of its antiquity, Excellency, &c. The Rites and Ceremonies, as well Sacred as Courtly, observ'd at the Time of the Conquest. II. The Manner and Form of Creating Knights of the Bath, from the Conquest, down to the Reign of Henry IV. III. The Form observ'd in the last Creation of Sixty-Eight Knights of the Bath, at the Coronation of K. Charles II. Together with a complete List of their Names, the Oath administer'd on that Occasion, their Covalcade, &c. IV. The distinguish'd Splendor and Dignity of this Honourable Order; its adjudg'd Precedence before other Knights, &c. Together with an Explanation of the significant Rites and Symbols observ'd at these Creations, &c. V. The Ceremony used, and Habit worn by Charles Duke of Albany, afterwards K. Charles I. who was created a Knight of the Bath at Four Years of Age; With an Account of the Apparel provided for the Creation of Edward VI. at like tender Years, when Prince of Wales, &c. VI. A List of the Lords and Gentlemen nominated by His present Majesty on the Revival of this Ancient Dignity. With an Account of their Investitures, and the Preparations, &c. made for their Installment, Creation, &c.
Publisherprinted for J. Peele, at Lock's Head, in Pater-Noster Row


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