A curious research into the element of water

Publication Date1747
Remaindercontaining many noble and useful experiments on that fluid body. As I. Three different Experiments of reducing Water into Earth. II. Several Experiments of turning Salts into Water; with a Method of discovering their intrinsic Earths, and of what Nature they are. III. A Method of turning Vitriol of Mercury into Water; with a way to extract the genuine Earth of that corrosive Body. IV. An Experiment proving that that there is a latent Fire in Water; with a Method to attract the said Fire from the Water, and to render it visible, &c. &c. The Interspersed with Curious Queries and Remarks. Being the conjunctive trials of Ambrose and John Godfrey, chymists, from their late father's observations
Publisherprinted by T. Gardner, and sold at his printing-office, at Cowley's-Head, opposite St. Clement's-Church in the Strand


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