Some observations on the late Act of Insolvency, (passed in the thirty-second year of the reign of King George the Second) with the method of proceeding to discharge a prisoner out of custody, Pursuant to the Directions of the said Act: and Precedents of the Petition, Notices, and Affidavits, To be Used on the Occasion. Carefully Drawn and Settled: Also Directions how a Prisoner, charged with Mesne Process, or Bailable Writs, may entitle those Creditors, and others his Creditors, who have brought no Actions against him, at a very small Expence, to have a Dividend of his Estate and Effects rateable, with those Creditors that have charged him in Execution, (to whom the Act only extends) whereby he will become absolutely discharged from his Imprisonment. Also the Proceedings to compel Debtors in Execution to deliver up their Effects for the Benefit of their Creditors, according to the Directions of the same Act. To which is added, A Calculation of the Fees and Expences in the Proceedings, to discharge a Prisoner under this Act, on his own Application. By an attorney at law

Publication Date1759
Publisherprinted for the author, and sold by J. Meres, in the Old Baily, near Ludgate-Hill, and at the Pamphlet-Shops in London and Westminster

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