The history of John of Bourbon, Prince of Carency. Containing a variety of entertaining novels, Viz. 1. The Surprize, or the Generous Unknown. 2. The Mutual Mistake, or the Unhappy Discovery. 3. The Secret Rival, or the Deceitful Friend. 4. The Perfidious Lady disappointed, or the Happy Reconciliation. 5. The Slighted Passion, or the Fatal Resentment. 6. The Unfortunate Lover. 7. The Female Captives. 8. The Distressed Lovers. 9. The Revengeful Rival. 10. The Happy Meeting, or Constant Love Rewarded. Written in French by the Countess D'Aunois, Author of the Ladies Travels into Spain. Translated into English

Publication Date1723
Publisherprinted for J. Peele, at Locke's Head, in Pater-Noster Row


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