The fulfilling of the Scripture

Publication Date1726
Remaindercomplete; in three parts. Part I. An Essay shewing the exact Accomplishment of the Word of God in his Works of Providence, perform'd, and to be perform'd, for confirming Believers, and convincing the Atheists of the present Time. As also many rare Histories of the Works and Servants of God in the Church of Christ. Part II. The Faithfulness of God consider'd and clear'd, in the great Event of his Word. Part III. The great Appearances of God for his Church under the New Testament; with many choice Speeches of suffering and dying Christians. By the late Reverend and learned Mr. Robert Fleming, Sen. Together with some memoirs of the author's life; in a sermon preached on the occasion of his death. By the late learned Daniel Burgess. Collected in on volume. The fifth edition corrected. To which is added an index, Alphabetically digested, of all the principal Matters contained in the Three Parts; and at the begining of the work a table of Scots phrases, which often occur in reading Mr. Fleming's, Mr. Rutherford's, Mr. Durham's, and other Scots Author's Works
Publisherprinted for J. and B. Sprint, at the Bell, and Aaron Ward at the King's-Arms in Little-Britain; Richard Ford, at the Angel in the Poultry, near Stocks-Market, and John Oswald at the Bible in White's-Alley in Chancery-Lane


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