The wages and prices of work, of the journeymen weavers, in the several branches of the silk manufacture, called the strong, plain, foot-figured, flowered, black and fancy branches, as settled and regulated by the magistrates, At their General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, held for the City of London, the County of Middlesex, and the Liberty of the Tower of London, in July and August, 1795. And Advertised Pursuant to the Acts of Parliament passed in the Thirteenth and Thirty-Second Years of the Reign of King George the Third. Entered at Stationers Hall

Publication Date1795
Publisherpublished for the proprietors, at the following houses of meeting; Mr. Fief's, the Queen's Head, Fleet-Street, Bethnal-Green; and at Mr. Stokes's, the Black Dog, Cock-Lane, Bethnal-Green

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