The northern hero

Publication Date1786
Remainderminutely and impartially delineated in the life of Major S-------le, alias Harrold, Kennedy, &c. the celebrated swindler: Exhibiting his Surprising Adventures, Curious Devices, Remarkable Escapes, Deep-Laid Projects, Amorous Intricues, Unparallel'd Hypocrisy Infernal Frauds, and Villainous Exploits, from the period of his infancy to the present year, 1786. Interspersed with Numerous Interesting Anecdotes of his Fraudulent Associates in the Metropolis. Necessary to be duly attended to by the Public at large, but especially the Youth of both Sexes, as well as Merchants, Tradesmen, &c. who wish to be guarded against the wily Ways of Swindlers and Sharpers, who swarm in London
Publisherprinted for P. M'queen, No. 127, Strand; and J. Forbes, Corner of Tavistock-Court, Covent-Garden

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