The history of Abdallah and Zoraide

Publication Date1780
Remainderor filial and paternal love. Containing an account of Abderamen, (the father of Abdallah,) a Turkish merchant, who in a voyage to Aleppo was taken by a cruizer of the isle of Malta, and being unable to pay for his ransom, wrote to his son (who resided in London,) to do it for him, who accordingly sells his effects, leaves his wife Zelis to the care of a sincere friend, and embarks with his whole fortune to gain his father's ransom, but on his arrival is informed that he was to be executed the next day for causing an insurrection among the slaves. - While suing for his father's pardon, he is accosted by Zoraide, the sister of Zelis, who in a voyage to Cyprus with her husband (by whom she had two children, and who is killed in an action with a Maltese pirate) is taken and carried into Malta, where she attracts the heart of the Grand Master, and by her intercession procures Abderamen's pardon, which is carried to him by his son; the excess of joy which seizes him throws him into a swoon, and he expires on his bosom. By the assistance of Abdallah, Zoraide makes her escape from the Grand Master, and returns to her children, but is informed that the plague had reigned in Aleppo, and carried off a third part of the inhabitants. On her arrival finds her children afflicted with the distemper, and as a tender mother, to the hazard of her life, nuries them, gets the infection and with one of them dies, leaving the other to the care of Abdallah, (her brother-in-law) with a large portion, who soon after returns, and is again united to his wife. Well worthy the perusal of every tender parent and dutiful child. To which is added, The maiden tower, Or a Description of an Eastern Cave. together with Contentment, a fable
Publisherprinted by J. Miller, No. 74, Rosemary-Lane



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