Epistolary correspondence made pleasant and familiar: calculated chiefly for the improvement of youth. Containing sixty letters in the English and French languages, on such Subjects and Occasions, which young Gentlemen and Ladies (who are absent from their Parents, &c. either at Boarding-School, or elsewhere) require to write on, through the Course of their Education: Being proper Precedents for them to copy after, in order to instruct them early, not only in an easy, genteel, and polite Manner of expressing their Thoughts; but also to cultivate their Minds with the Principles of Virtue, Morality, and every filial and social Duty. The original English letters by John Gignoux, author of the late Spelling Book, intitled, The child's best instructor in spelling and reading: unanimously approved of, subscribed to, recommended, and made use of by upwards of sixty of the most eminent Teachers of the English Language, in and about London. The French translations by Philip Bellie, Master of the Ladies French Boarding School, in Cheney-Walk, Chelsea. also, Copious Directions for Epistolatory Writing in general; and in what Manner to address Superiors, Equals, and Inferiors: With Instructions to read with Propriety and Elegance. To which is annexed, to render this work more useful, A compensions Treatise of the First Five common Rules in Arithmetick, and the Rule of Three; wherein all possible Contradictions are laid down in so concise and easy a Manner, that cannot fail of rendering the meanest Capacity thoroughly acquainted with those Rules; and, if rightly attended to, without the Assistance of the Master

Publication Date1759
Publisherprinted for Edward Dilly, at the Rose and Crown in the Poultry; and sold by all Booksellers in Town and Country


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