The child of liberty in legal bondage, or the son and heir in the Servant's yoke

Publication Date1794
Remaindera sermon, preached at Monkwell-Street Meeting September 9, 1794. By William Huntington, S.S. Minister of the Gospel at Providence Chapel, Little Titchfield-Street
Publisherprinted by T. Bensley. Sold at Providence chapel on Monday and Wednesday Evenings, and at Monkwell-Street Meeting on Tuesday Evening s; by G. Terry, No. 54, Paternoster-Row ; J. Elvey, No. 93, ; J. Baker, No. 226, Oxford-Street, R. Huntley, No. 4, Duke-Street, Grosvenor-Square ; J. Cobbin, No. 14, Hertford-Street, Fitzroy-Square ; and by A. Batten, Sen Wellwyn, Herts



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